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Astigmatism Toronto

Close-up of a man's eyeUntil recently, patients with astigmatism had limited treatment options compared to patients with nearsightedness or farsightedness. Today, advanced technology in laser correction and implantable lenses has allowed for safe, long-term surgical treatment for astigmatism. At TLC Yonge Eglinton Laser Eye Centre, we work with astigmatic patients to create a vision correction plan that works for them.

If you have astigmatism, we have several treatment options available at our Toronto centre. We invite you to contact our office for a personalized consultation and in-depth look into your vision issues.

What is Astigmatism?

In simple terms, astigmatism is a refractive condition in which a portion of the eye is irregularly shaped, causing a general distortion of vision. This condition often occurs in conjunction with nearsightedness or farsightedness. An astigmatic eye is unable to properly focus light upon the retina because of an uneven shape in the cornea or lens.

Astigmatism can happen within the cornea (corneal astigmatism) or the lens (lenticular astigmatism) of the eye, and may vary greatly in severity. Furthermore, astigmatism is more specifically described as myopic, hyperopic, or mixed astigmatism. These refer to the degree of the meridian of the eyes, and where they focus light in relation to the retina.

Astigmatism is either regular or irregular, depending upon whether the meridians of the eye are perpendicular. This also relates to the shape of the eye. Regular astigmatism (in which the meridians are perpendicular) results in a football shape. Irregular astigmatism (in which the meridians are not perpendicular) is rarer, and usually caused by trauma.

How is Astigmatism Treated?

Corneal astigmatism, which is caused by an irregular corneal shape, is easier to treat than lenticular astigmatism. Corrective lenses can reshape the cornea, and in some cases, a corneal transplant or other surgery may be required. LASIK is an excellent option for some patients who suffer from corneal astigmatism. LASIK surgery reshapes the cornea using an excimer laser, removing part of the corneal tissue to allow light to pass properly through the eye and onto the retina.

In lenticular astigmatism, a form of regular astigmatism,  the natural lens of the eye is misshapen. The most common treatments include a replacement or implantable lens. An implantable contact lens refocuses the natural lens and is implanted within the eye, adjusting vision much in the way a removable contact lens would. Lenticular astigmatism may also be corrected with an intraocular lens, which replaces the natural lens of the eye completely. Intraocular lenses are an excellent option for patients who suffer from cataracts and also have astigmatism, particularly the Alcon® Toric IOL. For patients who are unable to undergo surgery, removable contact lenses or glasses can be a great option.

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Since the type and severity of astigmatism varies greatly, it is important that patients explore all treatment options available at TLC Yonge Eglinton Laser Eye Centre. During an initial consultation, Dr. David Rootman will detect any vision irregularities and explain treatment options. For more information on astigmatism diagnosis and treatment, please contact our Toronto offices today.

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