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May 5

In addition to making the cornealflap, new developments have extended use of the IntraLase into the realm of therapeutic applications. This means that patients requiring a corneal transplant can now be operated on with a laser using a process called IEK, or IntraLase Enabled Keratoplasty.

The cornea is a very thin curved tissue on the front of the eye which functions like a lens. We can often use a laser to reshape the cornea and eliminate the need to wear glasses. However, there are many people with corneal problemswhich cannot be correctedvia laser. A corneal transplant may correct the problem by putting a new, clear window in place, but the healing process is prolonged, and there is often a considerable amount of astigmatism afterwards.

This is where IntraLase comes to the rescue! The laser is so precise that that it can cut a perfect circle, give us alignment marks, and even shape the edge, much as a carpenter would to shape a tongue-in-groove joint. This makes the cornea heal more quickly and thoroughly!

Young Eglinton Laser Centre is the first provider of laser eye surgery in Canada and one of the few providers of laser eye surgery in the world to offer this transplant. Its very exciting to be a part of this revolution and we cant wait to see further developments.

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