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May 5

People often ask us why we use the Intralase for flap creation when the long-established microkeratome (blade) technique is the height of safety and effectiveness. Well, inquisitive readers, rest assured that we here at the Young Eglinton Laser Centre in Toronto weighed in our minds the respective benefits of these techniques and concluded that the IntraLase easily justifies its status as our preferred means of flap creation. In fact, we like IntraLase so much, we no longer use microkeratome at all!

For our patients, the fact that we use IntraLaseis an assurancethat they are getting the best possible flap on their cornea with the utmost attention to their safety.For our staff, it makes the surgery simultaneously more exciting and more relaxing. What a thrill it is to watch the laser form millions of microscopic bubbles in the cornea so close together that a flap is created! Within 30 seconds, a perfect smooth layer has been made. The flap thickness is so close to our predictions that its uncanny! The flaps vertical edge makes it similar to a man-hole cover i.e., it flips back into position and seals very securely. Its more relaxing for us because unlike our past experiences with the microkeratome, there isnt a moment when we hold our breath as the blade passes across the eye.

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