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May 5

All lasers treat major imperfections of the eye, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Yet there are other irregularities that we notice most in the dark. For example, when we drive at night, we notice that the headlights of oncoming cars are not distinct, small points of light, but are instead rather indistinct, appearing to flare and spread. What causes this phenomenon? Our pupils enlarge - or dilate - at night, and the edges of our lens and cornea contribute more to the images we see. These edges make lights appear to flare and spread.

These irregularities are also known as higher order aberrations. What makes the VisX laser and its component CustomVue laser system so remarkable is its ability to provide treatment which corrects these aberrations in addition to nearsightedness. As a result, images are more sharply focused on the retina the seeing part of the eye and the patient is less likely to experience glare and star-bursting at night.

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