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May 5

The answer, inquisitive reader? Lots! Perhaps even oodles, if were in a daring, exclamatory sort of mood.

Since we received the IntraLase laser two years ago, it has been nothing short of fantastic.It makes the process of creating the flap for LASIK much more comfortable. Its amazing to watch the mini bubbles forming in the cornea, each one so close to the next that a perfect flap is formed.

We made another exciting leap forward when we recently upgraded to the FS 60 model, which means an even faster and smoother flap formation. The FS 60 cuts the formation time by more than half, thus allowing us to make the flap in less than half a minute. This, in turn, allows us to make the laser spots even closer together, ultimately translating into an even smoother flap surface.

We also have a new laser to add to our lineup: the VisX Star S4.One may wonder why we chose this over our previous Excimer laser, with which we got excellent results and a series of satisfied customers. Well inquisitive reader, let us explain by way of analogy. The difference between the Excimer and the VisX Star S4 is similar to that between a 747 and an F-16 fighter plane.While a 747 is no doubt a marvel, an F-16 incorporates all the latest technology relating to navigation and control. So: with its Iris Recognition technology, the ocularly and aeronautically inclined amongst us might say that the VisX Star S4 is the F-16 of laser eye surgery.

So what is it about the VisX Star S4 that prompts us to indulge so unabashedly in analogical diversions? First of all, Iris Recognition is a great system. When your eye is measured with our Wavescan, it photographs your iris with infrared light.This photo is used to uniquely identify your eye in a fashion similar to the biometric photos often used for security purposes. The laser is then aligned using the pattern of the colored part of your eye, the iris.

In addition to this, the VisX Star S4 focuses the laser treatment on the centre of your pupil, or the dark central part of the eye. This is important, because in situations during which the pupil dilates when bright light is shone in the eye, for instance the centre of the pupil can shift. The laserdetects this and makes a compensating movement that ensures the laser treatment is applied exactly where it should.

We looked into all the lasers available on the market today and determined that the VisX system was the best of the bunch. Our experiences show thatwe made the right choice!

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