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May 8

Ah, what a fine thing it would be to undergo LASIK surgery, you say as you amble over to your computer with morning coffee in hand, your imperfect eyes nonetheless twinkling with the possibility of improved sight. But then your brow furrows in preparation for fresh research: Just how much does this malarkey cost anyway? You look up the cost per eye. a-Wha-a-a-a-a-at!!! $2500 per eye?! you scream, eyes springing out of their sockets as in cartoons of yore.

Now hold on a minute, inquisitive reader: dont do your eyes further damage with that sort of nonsense. There are reasons why laser eye surgery costs what it does, and we assure you that none of them have the faintest whiff of malarkey.

In terms of pure cost, Im reminded of the time I had to take my dog to the vet for an operation. It cost $2000 in Toronto, which may seem steep, but once I looked everything over it was entirely reasonable. The vet has a business to run, with expenses that we dont even imagine given a cursory glance. So too in the world of laser eye correction, in which theres insurance, staffing, and expensive equipment to be bought and maintained, plus sundry other expenses which we can file under etc.

And of course, Yonge Eglinton Laser in Toronto isnt just any provider of laser eye correction. While there are various methods one can use to get decent results, we want nothing less than the very best. This is why we use IntraLase for preparing the corneal flap and VisX CustomVue for the corneal shaping, which several studies demonstrate is the winning combination for giving our patients the best results, closest to target, in the safest way possible.

So dont froth at the mouth and throw your monitor out of your 10th story window, inquisitive reader. Were offering tremendous value to our patients: high likelihood of no longer having to wear glasses with the lowest chance of having a flap problem. Given this, is $2500 per eye really so much to pay for a life-changing experience?

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