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May 11
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So todays the big surgery day! Which also means today was the last time I had to roll over to the other side of the bed upon waking up just to see my alarm clock clearly. Two days ago was my last time wearing contact lenses, pretty much my best friends over the last 12 years or so (best friends in terms of time spent together; I do have real friends, I swear). I wont lie, Im not going to miss them; I now get to sleep in an extra 45 seconds every morning. Having to wear glasses the last couple of days has reminded me why I became a contact lens wearer in the first place; no peripheral vision, the specs flying all around at the gym, the need to clean them off every couple of hours I will not miss that either.

Am I a bit nervous? Well, Ive never had ANY sort of surgery, so yes. Dont get me wrong, I have full faith in Dr. Rootman performing a smooth and successful operation tonight as always. Ive seen hundreds of his patients at their follow-up appointments and they all told me the same thing: its a brand new life. Their excitement was the final nudge I needed to go through with this. So tonight I take the plunge. Ill let you know it goes I type my next entry glasses free!

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