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May 12

My bedroom window faces the CN tower. Sounds like a great view to wake up to right? Well, I wasnt ever able to properly wake up to that view; it usually just looked like a big tall blob when I opened my blinds. That all changed today, however! And yes, that means my surgery went off without a hitch (other than some technical difficulties with the stream, thanks again for your patience and understanding).

So how was the surgery? Honestly, it was no worse than getting a cavity filled at the dentists office (and I used have a lot of cavities as a kid, being a candy fiend and all). I didnt really have time to get nervous about the operation ahead of time since we were frantically trying to set up for the live stream. All of a sudden Im lying down in the operating room getting the areas around my eyes disinfected. Before I know it, Dr. Rootman is telling me to look at the flashing red light and attaching the suction ring to my right eye (the suction ring is used in cutting the flap in the cornea). According to a couple of my friends who had the operation 2 months ago, this was supposed to be the worst part; I was told to expect an extremely uncomfortable pressure sensation when the ring suctions to the eye. Well, maybe because I was warned ahead of time, I didnt really feel any glaring amount of discomfort.

I think the craziest (in an interesting way) part of the whole process was Dr. Rootman lifting away my corneal flap. You can see your whole world moving around as the flap is manipulated and then all of a sudden when the flap is lifted everything goes blurry. You stare at an extremely blurry red light while the second laser re-shapes your cornea and when the flap is put back into place things are in focus like theyve never been before. The whole thing was over before I knew it. Many thanks to Dr Rootman and the surgery technicians (Laura, Olivia, and Magdi) for talking to me all along, letting me know that everything was going well and that I was doing great. Its always nice to hear some words of encouragement.

Most of the ride home I was occupied by my sister making fun of the ultra-stylish goggles I was wearing. I didnt feel any dryness or discomfort until we got to my building (thats about the time the anaesthetic wore off); that also happened to be the same time the sedative I was given finally kicked in so I went straight to bed. My eyes themselves felt fine but they were watering a lot, which caused my nose to get all stuffed up. After a couple of hours of napping in between putting in my drops and blowing my nose I finally passed out and didnt awake until 9am today. Today the eyes feel great - not nearly as dry or light sensitive as I expected. My 1 day check-up is in a couple of hours so Ill let you know how it goes. Based on how clear everything looks right now, I expect nothing but smooth sailing. Id say a stuffy nose is a small price to pay for laser eyes, wouldnt you?

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