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May 13

After brushing my teeth before bed last night, I realized everything still looked clear yet I was automatically reaching for my eyes to remove my contacts. Waaaaait a second, no need for that anymore! Yep, its my second day after LASIK and Im loving it more and more. I was expecting to be very light sensitive yesterday and for the vision to be fairly blurry but both of those things did NOT come to pass. I had my blinds wide open all day and was admiring how clear the Toronto skyline looked. Today things look even sharper than yesterday and I can watch TV and use the computer quite comfortably. I probably could have gone to work today but hey, who am I to complain about an extra day off?

I had my one-day follow-up with Dr. Rootman yesterday afternoon and my vision was better than 20/20 in each eye. There was a couple of small wrinkles in the flap of my right eye but Dr. Rootman smoothed these out for me in about 30 seconds; he makes this stuff looks easy (its not, believe me). I have a little bit of bruising on the white parts of my eye from the suction ring used during the surgery but thats quite normal. I will, however, probably have to spend some time tomorrow morning explaining to my patients why I look like I came to the office straight from participating in a boxing match (a match that, based on appearances, I lost). Once again, thats a small price to pay for my bionic eyes. I still stop every couple of hours and look around just to admire how clear everything it is. Im sure at some point Ill get used to it but right now I cant imagine it getting old anytime soon.

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