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Nov 15

Optometrist. Romance novelist. Christmas tree farmer. Lion tamer. Hip hop mogul. Zoroastrian high priest. Lead ventriloquistof an AC/DC cover band.

Toronto's premier radio personality?

Yes, inquisitive reader, I nod affirmatively in your general direction because it's as true as the day is long-- our very own Dr. Juliusz Gorecki has added yet another talent to an already impressive arsenal. He recently sat down with DJ Mad Dog of99.9 FM Virgin Radio to do a couple of promotional spots for YELC.

So what do they get up to? Well, they cover Dr. Gorecki's non-harrowing account of undergoing laser eye surgery. They subtly boast about our state of the art technology and peerless team of corneal specialists. Even our own Dr.David Rootman, a man notoriously hard to please in matters radiotelegraphic, praisesDr. Gorecki's "great radio voice presence!"In short,they're worth hearing andwill literally make your head explode with delight.* So why not give them a listen?

Yonge Eglinton Laser Centre 2011-11 (Dr Gorecki 01) by Laser Eye Surgery

Yonge Eglinton Laser Centre 2011-11 (Dr Gorecki 02) by Laser Eye Surgery

Also, that last part wasn't some sort of half-hearted suggestion. We urge you to meet and bask in the magnificence of Dr. Gorecki now that he's left theswollen, grubbyranks of the hoi polloi and entered the realm of true superstardom.We have hundreds of 8 x 10 glossies available at the front desk that Dr. Gorecki willhappily sign for fairweather fans. He will also indulge the more determined autograph-seekers amongst you by signing one of his famed romance novels, Christmas trees, or tamed lions.**

* Not literally.

** No.

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