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Jan 11


Yowza! These leads've got me goin' this way and that faster than a ducky shincracker!

You know folks - *adjusts fedora with slip of paper reading Press tucked in the hatband* - duringmy long decades of journalisticofferings to the twingoddesses of my profession the Laser and the Muse - both the critic dwelling in his ivory tower and the everyman in the streets dyedebony byits shadow agree that I've captured the spirit of our modern age to a degree unprecedented in the medium of blogs having to do with laser eye surgery and cosmetics. But despite the avalanche of plaudits under which my careeris buried, I am a humble man and cannot help but cast a jaundiced eye upon my own work. All too often an effluvium of fantastic drivel palls my writing. Sometimes I write about giant lava-proof penguins. At other times, violent Irish saints deemed inappropriate for the site and thus deleted.

Courtesy of the World Carrot Museum, a gaggle of weirdos playing vegetable instruments -- exactly the sort of silliness I hereby banish from this blog.

*Bangs fist on old-fashioned desk for emphasis* Well no more! From this moment forward I shall only write about that which matters! Namely our mad scrabble to domiante Toronto's airwaves FOR THE REST OF TIME!

And what a scrabble it's been. First, we had tamer of lions and follower of Zoroaster Dr. Juliusz Gorecki. Then, NHL superstar Ian White. Now, Dr. David Rootman and certain of his sundry corneal specialists have emerged from the Bunker Philosophicus after three months of intense vocal training and communing with the ghosts of Orson Welles and Lee De Forest on matters radiotelegraphic, an effort made possible by the occultministrations ofGrimsdale Whelpwood Mackenzie, grand magus of The HermeneuticOrder of the Aluminum Sunset.So you better believe they're ready for the big time!

Dr. David Rootman: considerably better than Orson Welles at being a radio guy.

Dr. Rootman quickly assumed the titleKing of Radiolandwith not one but two radio spots for your listening pleasure. Topics of discussion include:

And just what is the most rewarding surgery Dr. Rootman has ever performed? Why not take a listen and find out?

Yonge Eglinton Laser Eye Centre 2011-12 (Sponsor Profile-Dr Rootman 01) by Yonge Eglinton Laser


But what about those sundry corneal specialists? Will they snatch the crown of radio dominance away from Dr. Rootman? Tune in next week to find out!


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