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Feb 23

Yes, you can win FREE laser eye surgery from us!

Laser eye surgery? Yes. Free? Yes. By winning it? Yes.Really? Yes. At the Yonge Eglinton Laser Eye and Cosmetic Centre in Toronto, Ontario? Yes. And the winning could be won by me? Yes, all too inquisitive reader, yes to everything! *twirls balletically, kisses random woman in Times Square, is photographed by undead Alfred Eisenstaedt*

As you can see, I'm delighted at the possibility of you winning free laser eye surgery. Not sure what she thinks, though.

Yes, with the samebrio a sailor might direct towards whoever's nearest upon learning of the cessation of war, everyone between the ages of9 and 90 has embraced our new online and on-air contest, the result of our fruitful partnershipwith 99.9 FM Virgin Radio. But there seems to be some confusion amongst the general population as to what this contest actually involves.Peeping downward through the telescope installed on the balcony of my 89th floor penthouse office, I see the contest-mad crowdsbelow engaged in all manner of strange behaviour. Here,twenty-four singingragamuffins, each with a single letter stitched on their oversized caps and arranged in a line to spell out "YONGEEGLINTONLASERCENTRE;" There,a surly gang of competitive Morris-dancers rocking a YELC patrol car back and forth. I must dismiss my fan-wielding concubines and traverse thevast square-footagefrom the foie-gras filled jacuzzi I presently occupy to the computer and writing desk I must use to correct whatever misconceptions my inquistive readers may have.

Members of Toronto's bustling ragamuffin population show their enthusiasm for free laser eye surgery!

What Our Contest is All About and How You Can Enter It

  • Contest runs from February 20th to March 11th

  • Listeners can go hereand fill out all the stuff you need to fill out in order to enter the contest. There's a short survey you have to fill out, which you can see below.

Contest survey

  • The mere act of entering the contest will get you a $300 gift certificate good towards laser eye surgery. Please note that the gift certificate can't be combined with other offers.

  • One lucky listener will win free laser eye surgery at YELC valued at $6000. This is non-transferable. Must have surgery by June 30th, 2012

Unlike the ragamuffins and competitive Morris-dancers, some people knew what to do from the very beginning. 55 people entered the contest during the first two days! Don't lag behind - enter now! NOW!

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