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May 14

We (which of course refers to we here at the Yonge Eglinton LaserEye and Cosmetic Centre in Toronto, Ontario)will be featured on Virgin Radio's website this Wednesday, May 16th. Why, you ask? Because, inquisitive reader, we're offering an exciting promotion: you can get your mitts on one (1) gift certificate worth $500 applicable towards our laser vision correction, skin care treatments (excluding botox or juvederm), or laser hair removal services for a mere $250! Wow! Full details in the massive, tantalizing screenshot below:

Full details for our upcoming promotion

You can visit astralradiodeals.comto find out more about this promotion and buy a gift certificate. But you must wait. The more impatient amongst you have no doubt clicked the grey-hued "buy" button in a fever of anticipation only to have that fever miserablydispel with the appearance of that cruel little pop-up: "Too soon! Set your reminder...purchases start Wednesday 10:00am!"

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