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Pre-op LASIK Instruction

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Pre-op LASIK InstructionLASIK is one of the most popular treatment options out there for refractive errors, vision problems that are better known as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism. By undergoing LASIK surgery, patients will no longer need to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses in order to see clearly. With all this in mind, there are a number of instructions that patients must follow for the best possible results after surgery has been performed. This includes what patients do to prepare for LASIK surgery.

The team at our Toronto laser vision correction center would like to take a moment right now to look a the basic steps that patients should take when preparing for LASIK surgery.

Why Pre-operative Instructions are So Important

The lead up to surgery is imperative for ensuring the best possible results and the best possible care. There are a number of factors prior to surgery that can affect the health of your eyes before you even undergo a LASIK procedure. We will be sure to go over all of these matters in full detail during your visit to our ophthalmology center in Toronto. We will also encourage you to ask questions concerning LASIK prep in the lead up to your surgery.

Stop Wearing Contact Lenses

Wearing contact lenses will alter the shape of a person's corneas. Since LASIK involves reshaping the corneas, it's important that the patient's corneas are in a natural state before the reshaping is performed. If patients wear contact lenses, they will be asked to stop wearing their contacts a few weeks prior to the surgery.

Refrain from Smoking and Drinking

Both drinking and smoking can slow down the healing process, which is why we ask that patients refrain from drinking and smoking a few weeks before they undergo Toronto custom LASIK. In fact, we also ask that patients refrain from drinking and smoking for a few week after the surgery has been performed.

The Days Before LASIK Surgery

In the days leading up to LASIK surgery, patients should fill any prescriptions. Doing so before surgery means less to worry about as you recover. Patients should also arrange for transportation to and from the surgical facility as they will be in no state to operate a vehicle. Patients should ask a friend or family member to be with them at home for the first day or so after LASIK has been performed in order to help around the home.

The day before surgery, patients should avoid using any make-up, lotions, creams, etc. on the face. Patients should get a good night's sleep as well.

The Day of LASIK Surgery

On the day of LASIK surgery, we ask that patients wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing to the practice. They should not be wearing any make-up or jewelry, and should similarly refrain from using any facial creams or lotions. This will ensure a comfortable surgery that is as free from potential complications as possible.

Learn More About Laser Vision Correction Surgery

If you would like more information about LASIK surgery and your many other options for advanced vision treatment, be sure to contact our Toronto laser eye care center today. The entire team here looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you achieve the best possible results when it comes to advanced vision care.

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