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May 21
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Toronto LASIK Side EffectsFor many patients, LASIK is just what they have been hoping for in eye care; dramatically improved vision from a quick and painless procedure. At Dr. David Rootman’s Toronto laser vision correction center, he utilizes the latest laser technology in order to offer a LASIK procedure that is completely blade-free. This gives patients the additional benefit of completely customized eye correction and a reduced risk of complications following LASIK. While the chance of complications occurring is extremely low, there are some normal side effects that patients can expect to experience in the days and weeks following LASIK. Dr. David Rootman explains these side effects to his patients so that they will be well prepared on what to expect following LASIK surgery.

There is no anesthesia used during LASIK surgery. However, some patients will be given a mild sedative. In addition, while many patients report that they immediately notice improved vision following surgery, eyesight will be blurry; as such, it is important to have a ride home from the LASIK procedure. Once home, Dr. Rootman asks patients to try to sleep or keep the eyes closed for at least three hours in order to let the eyes rest. When patients awake from this rest, they can expect to experience some of the following side effects of LASIK:

  • Blurry vision: Even though the vision will immediately improve, it may remain blurry or sensitive to light for the first few days following surgery. This should gradually improve as the vision becomes clearer. Most patients do not experience blurry vision for more than two to three days.
  • Tearing: The eyes may tear frequently after LASIK surgery. This is a normal reaction to LASIK surgery and should not last more than a few days.
  • Itchy eyes or slight discomfort: As the eyes heal from LASIK, it is normal for the eyes to feel itchy or to experience a slight burning sensation that may cause mild discomfort. As with the side effects listed above, this should not last for more than two to three days after surgery.
  • Dry eyes: Many patients report that the eyes feel dry or gritty after LASIK surgery. This side effect may clear up in a few days, but some patients report dry eyes for several weeks, or even months after surgery.
  • Glare or halos around light: Another common side effect of LASIK is seeing glares or halos around bright lights, particularly at night. This condition should subside on its own but patients may experience this side effect for several weeks following surgery.

Toronto patients should understand that all of these LASIK side effects are completely normal and should not be cause for alarm. Dr. Rootman will prescribe eye drops that can help keep the eyes moist and alleviate the pain or discomfort that may result from LASIK surgery. If any of these symptoms persist or if any unusual side effects are experienced, this should be discussed with Dr. Rootman. For patients in Toronto, custom LASIK minimizes the risk of surgical complications.

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