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May 21
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Dr. David Rootman explains to his patients the side effects likely to occur following LASIK surgery.

Apr 21

Dry eye syndrome is not just an inconvenience. It's also a common side effect while people recover from LASIK surgery. We'd like to take a few moments right now to consider the various ways that dry eye affects suitability for LASIK and the experience of patients after LASIK has been performed.

Mar 21

LASIK is not an inexpensive surgery, and we acknowledge that it can put a financial burden on some households and individuals. However, there are financing plans available that can make the surgery a reality for many prospective patients. Let's look into these matters right now.

Feb 21

LASIK is a great treatment option to consider for people suffering from refractive errors. It's not, however, an ideal treatment for everyone. Let's take a moment to look at the basic requirements for LASIK candidacy and what treatment options non-candidates can consider.

Jan 21

While there are specific instructions for care after LASIK surgery, it's just as important that patients follow their doctor's instructions for pre-operative care. Doing so will help ensure the best possible recovery experience. Let's look into these matters right now.

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