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Jan 16

Health Canada has licensed the ultraviolet light delivery source necessary for corneal collagen cross-linking treatment. This means were finally introducing said treatment to Yonge Eglinton Laser Centre in Toronto! Were one of the first places in Canada to offer this treatment, you know. And furthermore -- weve done several of these treatments over the past few weeks with a great deal of success!

This is very good news. Before this, we didnt have any treatment to hinder the progression of keratoconus. Now, we at least have an alternative to simply waiting for the disorder to get worse.

Who benefits from this treatment, you ask? Well, keratoconus tends to progress in ones twenties or thirties. If we can stop it in its tracks while the patient is young, we can dramatically lessen the number of people who require a corneal transplant. Given this, keratoconus patients in their teens and twenties may want to undergo cross-linking in order to keep the

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