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Oct 2
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A woman reads a book while lying in a hammock.The KAMRA™ Inlay is an implantable device that can correct presbyopia, greatly improving your ability to see near objects such as text.

Aug 21
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older-couple-readingPresbyopia is the gradual loss of the eyes’ ability to change their focus to see near objects clearly. It is extremely common and is the result of aging.

Jul 20
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eyes2LASIK is among the great medical innovations of the past two decades. It has effectively helped millions of people bid farewell to their eyeglasses and contact lenses and to see the world around them more clearly than ever before. While conventional LASIK has a remarkable record of safety and success, it also has limitations. LASIK is highly effective at treating such common visual errors as nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism; however, it cannot treat higher order aberrations. Simply stated, higher order aberrations are those often minute flaws in the shape of the cornea that do not follow any predictable pattern and are unique to each individual eye. While patients undergo LASIK to eliminate their need for eyeglasses and contact lenses, so

May 30
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As you may have heard courtesy of our dear friends at 102.1. FM The Edge, the Yonge Eglinton Laser Eye and Cosmetic Centre in Toronto, Ontario is currently offering an exciting promotion: you can buy 6 laser hair removal sessions on a small area - normally something that costs up to $894 - for a mere $99! That's an 89% discount! All you have to do is follow this link to 102.1. FM The Edge's GoStop site and shop away. But you can't dither about this, because as of this writing you only have a slender four days, eight hours, fifty-three minutes, and twenty-three seconds before the Great Doors of Opportunity slam thunderously in your face, forever denying you the opportunity for at least a small portion of you to beconsiderably less hairy (until the next promotion we offer).
May 14

We (which of course refers to we here at the Yonge Eglinton LaserEye and Cosmetic Centre in Toronto, Ontario)will be featured on Virgin Radio's website this Wednesday, May 16th. Why, you ask? Because, inquisitive reader, we're offering an exciting promotion: you can get your mitts on one (1) gift certificate worth $500 applicable towards our laser vision correction, skin care treatments (excluding botox or juvederm), or laser hair removal services for a mere $250! Wow! Full details in the massive, tantalizing screenshot below:

Full details for our upcoming promotion

Mar 14

I am 9! sez YELC collectively

Not so long ago, on the evening of *strategically trails off incoherently, so as to avoid revealing the date and thus the once again sizable gap between blog posts* the Yonge Eglinton Laser Eye and Cosmetic Centre in Toronto, Ontario celebrated its ninth anniversary. Dr. David Rootman, who tempers his medical directorship with a side-gig as the main designer and sole proprietor of local coffee mug e

Feb 23

Yes, you can win FREE laser eye surgery from us!

Laser eye surgery? Yes. Free? Yes. By winning it? Yes.Really? Yes. At the Yonge Eglinton Laser Eye and Cosmetic Centre in Toronto, Ontario? Yes. And the winning could be won by me? Yes, all too inquisitive reader, yes to everything! *twirls balletically, kisses random woman in Times Square, is photographed by undead Alfred Eisenstaedt*

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Feb 21

Perhaps you noticed that thestirring conclusion of our last blogpost promised an equallystirring follow-up a week later. That you'rechronologically sharp is no secret to me, inquisitive reader, and I'm not attempting to gaslight you into thinking that the difference between January 11th and February 21st is a mere week. Nor do I completelyblame you for your recent foul behaviour, which I've heard includes tearing the sink from your bathroom wall and uppercutting elderly women headfirst into the ceiling, actions which can be nothing else but symptoms of YELC-blog withdrawal. I apologize for the immense delay. I was busy. Writing reports. Meeting with important people in New York, Hong Kong, London, and Berlin. Harvesting Rice Krispie squares from the depths of the Amazon rain forest.

Jan 11


Yowza! These leads've got me goin' this way and that faster than a ducky shincracker!

You know folks - *adjusts fedora with slip of paper reading Press tucked in the hatband* - duringmy long decades of journalisticofferings to the twingoddesses of my profession the Laser and the Muse - both the critic dwelling in his ivory tower and the everyman in the streets dyedebony byits shadow agree that I've captured the spirit of our modern age to a degree unprecedented in the medium of blogs having to do with laser eye surgery and cosmetics. But despite the avalanche of plaudits under which my careeris buried, I am a humble man and cannot help bu


Dec 7

Yessir, a vase full o' eyeglasses

If you've ever taken a look at our surgery suite,you may have noticed a rather curious vase of eyeglasses sitting on a table pushed against the northern wall of the room.

"You know, I have," you say while tenting your fingers and settling into your dark-green overstuffedleather armchair in a manner professorial. "Is it a trophy? Is it there becauseeach pair of glasses issymbolic proof of Dr. David Rootman and his sundry corneal specialists masterfullyconquering surgery after

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