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Jun 24


If you want to have great vision without relying corrective lenses, it's important that you visit our Toronto laser vision correction practice. During your visit, we can determine if LASIK surgery is an ideal option for you and your needs. The procedure itself is rather straightforward, though there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to surgical recovery. We'd like to take a few moments to go over the basics of LASIK recovery so you have a general understanding of what to expect.

About LASIK Surgery

LASIK surgery is a refractive procedure that is performed to reshape the cornea. It is an ideal treatment option for refractive errors such as nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia

May 1

As is the custom with Antarctic youth, I spent much of my childhood assigned to guard-duty every other night at the penguin defense watchtower situatedatop the northern gate of my village. The watchtower wasa sort of landlocked crow's nest that provided first warning against an impending penguin attack. Though the long, exhausting nocturnal hours were punctuated only byhowling Antarctic wind, litsputteringly by asemi-circle of whale-oil lamps, and soured always by the possibility of a hoard of fanged penguins in their characteristic spiked hatsleaping over the walls and razing our village to the ground,I could always depend on myguard-shift culminating with a lovingly prepared chunk of spiced glacier awaiting my arrival home, courtesy of Mother. "Bljoorg t'gzlaaar, m! sqaat-ogo-ogo," she would say in Antarctican as she placed the spiced glacier before me. I shall never forget this as long as

Mar 14

I am 9! sez YELC collectively

Not so long ago, on the evening of *strategically trails off incoherently, so as to avoid revealing the date and thus the once again sizable gap between blog posts* the Yonge Eglinton Laser Eye and Cosmetic Centre in Toronto, Ontario celebrated its ninth anniversary. Dr. David Rootman, who tempers his medical directorship with a side-gig as the main designer and sole proprietor of local coffee mug e

Feb 21

Perhaps you noticed that thestirring conclusion of our last blogpost promised an equallystirring follow-up a week later. That you'rechronologically sharp is no secret to me, inquisitive reader, and I'm not attempting to gaslight you into thinking that the difference between January 11th and February 21st is a mere week. Nor do I completelyblame you for your recent foul behaviour, which I've heard includes tearing the sink from your bathroom wall and uppercutting elderly women headfirst into the ceiling, actions which can be nothing else but symptoms of YELC-blog withdrawal. I apologize for the immense delay. I was busy. Writing reports. Meeting with important people in New York, Hong Kong, London, and Berlin. Harvesting Rice Krispie squares from the depths of the Amazon rain forest.

Nov 29

Hi, I'm Ralph...*arches eyebrow*...I like lasers, Marvel Comics, and long walks in the woods.

"During the bounteous unfurling of youth every man of sensitivity and intellect surveys all of sublime creation within and without, necessarily becoming an eye all-appraising, a craving manifest -- he wishes to be Superman or Cyclops from the X-Men. But as he ages, the ripened wisdom pluckedfrom the fields of knowledge by all from Heraclitus to Kantdispenses with this craving and replaces it with another-- there are many heroes who shoot lasers from their eyes, but it is perhaps the greatest heroes of

Nov 15

Optometrist. Romance novelist. Christmas tree farmer. Lion tamer. Hip hop mogul. Zoroastrian high priest. Lead ventriloquistof an AC/DC cover band.

Toronto's premier radio personality?

Yes, inquisitive reader, I nod affirmatively in your general direction because it's as true as the day is long-- our very own Dr. Juliusz Gorecki has added yet another talent to an already impressive arsenal. He recently sat down with DJ Mad Dog of99.9 FM Virgin Radio to do a couple of promotional spots for YELC.

So what do they get up to? Well, they cover Dr. Gorecki's

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Oct 31

Wooooooo-o-o-o-o-o! Halloween descends upon Toronto! Ill-intentionedspectres! Shadowy figures! Ghostly cackling! Werewolves punching vampires and so forth! And perhaps most terrifyingly of all, dishonesty in advertising.In one of our previous entries, we warned you about advertisements boasting deceptively low prices for laser eye surgery. We suggested that you ask your LASIK provider the following questions:

  • What is included?

  • What is not included?

  • What kind of technology is used?

  • What will I have to pay if enhancement surgery becomes necessary?

  • How many follow-up visits will I need to make, and at what cost

May 13

After brushing my teeth before bed last night, I realized everything still looked clear yet I was automatically reaching for my eyes to remove my contacts. Waaaaait a second, no need for that anymore! Yep, its my second day after LASIK and Im loving it more and more. I was expecting to be very light sensitive yesterday and for the vision to be fairly blurry but both of those things did NOT come to pass. I had my blinds wide open all day and was admiring how clear the Toronto skyline looked. Today things look even sharper than yesterday and I can watch TV and use the computer quite comfortably. I probably could have gone to work today but hey, who am I to complain about an extra day off?

I had my one-day follow-up with Dr. Rootman yesterday afternoon and my vision was better than 20/20 in each eye. There was a couple of small wrinkles in the flap of my right eye but Dr. Rootman smoothed these out for me in about 30 seconds; he makes this stuff looks easy (its not,

May 12

My bedroom window faces the CN tower. Sounds like a great view to wake up to right? Well, I wasnt ever able to properly wake up to that view; it usually just looked like a big tall blob when I opened my blinds. That all changed today, however! And yes, that means my surgery went off without a hitch (other than some technical difficulties with the stream, thanks again for your patience and understanding).

So how was the surgery? Honestly, it was no worse than getting a cavity filled at the dentists office (and I used have a lot of cavities as a kid, being a candy fiend and all). I didnt really have time to get nervous about the operation ahead of time since we were frantically trying to set up for the live stream. All of a sudden Im lying down in the operating room getting the areas around my eyes disinfected. Before I know it, Dr. Rootman is telling me to look at the flashing red light and attaching the suction ring to my right eye (the suction ring is used in

Jun 16
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From Maclean's, Canada's Newsmagazine, June 11, 07, pages 49 and 50.
"Eye surgery without a blade

Ophthalmologist David Rootman watches
through a microscope as tiny laser beams
pulse over each of Rico Ho's eyes, forming a
microscopic layer of bubbles within the cor-
nea. A monitor in the surgery suite shows
the same magnified image Rootman sees: a
circle filling with bubbles from top to bottom
creating a "flap" (a sliver of the cornea about
100 microns thick) that is then folded back
to apply a custom-designed corrective laser
treatment. "It's going beautifully," says Root-
man, still looking through the microscope
as he passes a cellulose sponge over Ho's eye-
ball, smoothing the flap back into place where
it immediately begins reattaching to the cor-
nea. As he steps through the waiting area to
the recovery room, Ho is clearly excited. "It's

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