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May 28
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I thought our patients might be interested in this story, since the Lasers used in the Air Force are the same as the ones used at our Yonge Eglinton Centre- DSR.
5/24/2007-WASHINGTON (AFPN)--Air Force officials have changedthe policy to allow people applying for aviation and aviation-related jobs to have had LASIK surgery. The change became effective May 21. The change also removes the altitude and high-performance aircraft restrictions for people who have had LASIK.

The decision to make these changes was based on studies that showed there was little to no effect on LASIK-treated eyes when subjected to the wind blast experienced during aircraft ejection or exposure to high altitude.

Due to stresses placed on the eyes during flight combined with the active lifestyle of military members, the recommended refractive surgeries are Wave Front Guided Photorefractive Keratectomy, or WFG-PRK, and Wave Front Guided Laser In-Situ Kera

May 27

Well, it seems that equating the IntraLase to the height of military prowess wasn't such a flight of verbal fancy after all. The US navy recently conducted an important study on the same technology we use at YELC, finding it superior to the microkeratome (or blade) and other excimer lasers. Yet more proof that the VisX Star S4 and IntraLase are the very best of whats available.

Well aware that we boast the kind of technology that impresses the US Navy, journalisticintuition tingled at Macleans and reporters descended upon Yonge Eglinton Laser so swiftly that the little slips of paper labeled Press flew out of their fedoras like so many autumn leaves. They grilled us about the goings-on a

May 8

Ah, what a fine thing it would be to undergo LASIK surgery, you say as you amble over to your computer with morning coffee in hand, your imperfect eyes nonetheless twinkling with the possibility of improved sight. But then your brow furrows in preparation for fresh research: Just how much does this malarkey cost anyway? You look up the cost per eye. a-Wha-a-a-a-a-at!!! $2500 per eye?! you scream, eyes springing out of their sockets as in cartoons of yore.

Now hold on a minute, inquisitive reader: dont do your eyes further damage with that sort of nonsense. There are reasons why laser eye surgery costs what it does, and we assure you that none of them have the faintest whiff of malarkey.

In terms of pure cost, Im reminded of the time I had to take my dog to the vet for an operation. It cost $2000 in Toronto, which may

May 5
We offer CustomVue, wavefront guided treatment to almost all our patients. The standard treatments, while good, represent older, less precise ways of reshaping the cornea. Without CustomVue, we cannot utilize the iris registration program, which allows us to precisely align the laser treatment and uniquely identify our patients by the laser. This alignment ensures a great result and takes into acount the shifting of the pupil when the pupil gets smaller. I can tell you, the smoothness of the surface after the laser is applied, is truly remarkable. While our older laser was good, the VisX Star S4 with iris registrationis a quantum leap forward, so much so that we recommend it in most instances.
May 5
Yes, its possible. If the problem occurs, it typically takes place on the day of surgery, and the likelihood of its occurrence is less than 2%. Well float the flap back into place and that takes care of the problem.Late dislocations are also a possibility, albeit a faint one. Weve had 3 patients in the past 10 years experiencing direct blows to the eye that disloacted the flap.We repaired thempromptlyand all patients recovered excellent vision. Interestingly, since switching to IntraLase, we haven't encountered a single flap dislocation.
May 5

People often ask us why we use the Intralase for flap creation when the long-established microkeratome (blade) technique is the height of safety and effectiveness. Well, inquisitive readers, rest assured that we here at the Young Eglinton Laser Centre in Toronto weighed in our minds the respective benefits of these techniques and concluded that the IntraLase easily justifies its status as our preferred means of flap creation. In fact, we like IntraLase so much, we no longer use microkeratome at all!

For our patients, the fact that we use IntraLaseis an assurancethat they are getting the best possible flap on their cornea with the utmost attention to their safety.For

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May 5

The answer, inquisitive reader? Lots! Perhaps even oodles, if were in a daring, exclamatory sort of mood.

Since we received the IntraLase laser two years ago, it has been nothing short of fantastic.It makes the process of creating the flap for LASIK much more comfortable. Its amazing to watch the mini bubbles forming in the cornea, each one so close to the next that a perfect flap is formed.

We made another exciting leap forward when we recently upgraded to the FS 60 model, which means an even faster and smoother flap formation. The FS 60 cuts the formation time by more than half, thus allowing us to make the flap in less than half a minute. This, in turn, allows us to make the laser spots even closer together, ultimately translating into an even smoother flap surface.<

May 5

All lasers treat major imperfections of the eye, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Yet there are other irregularities that we notice most in the dark. For example, when we drive at night, we notice that the headlights of oncoming cars are not distinct, small points of light, but are instead rather indistinct, appearing to flare and spread. What causes this phenomenon? Our pupils enlarge - or dilate - at night, and the edges of our lens and cornea contribute more to the images we see. These edges make lights appear to flare and spread.

These irregularities are also known as higher order aberrations. What makes the VisX laser and its component CustomVue laser system so remarkable is its ability to provide treatment which corrects these aberrations in addition to nearsightedness

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