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Jan 1

There are certain age requirements that must be considered with regard to LASIK surgery. Read on to find out more about teenage patients and LASIK surgery.

Feb 21

LASIK is a great treatment option to consider for people suffering from refractive errors. It's not, however, an ideal treatment for everyone. Let's take a moment to look at the basic requirements for LASIK candidacy and what treatment options non-candidates can consider.

Jan 21

While there are specific instructions for care after LASIK surgery, it's just as important that patients follow their doctor's instructions for pre-operative care. Doing so will help ensure the best possible recovery experience. Let's look into these matters right now.

Oct 21

iLASIK combines both custom LASIK surgery with bladeless, all-laser LASIK technology. The result is the most accurate and most effective LASIK surgery possible, with the added benefit of great safety and the elimination of human error.

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