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Apr 25

Ah, summer. As a native Antarctican, Jack Frost ruled over my childhood like an emperor and carniverous penguins served as his watchful patrolmen, as we've discussed in previous of my ramblings. This means, perhaps unsurprisingly, that I love summer precisely because it is the exact inverse of Emperor Frost's domain. Everything, whether animal, vegetable, or mineral shines with a higher degree of beauty. The warmer weather lifts the spirits of one and all, and,through some unexplained scientific process, seemingly fills the heart with helium and lifts it within its cavity, thus shedding from its carapace the miseries accumulated during winter. I myself plan to have a second and probably champagne-filledjacuzzi installed on the roof of my 89th floor penthouse office in order to fully take advantage of the many joys summer has to offer.

"But wait!!!" you scream as you erupt out of your beach chair and throw your cat at nothing in particular out of pure terror,"What

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