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Benefits of Corneal Ring Inserts Can Be Substantial

Corneal ring inserts are long-term vision correction implants used to treat the effects of certain conditions such keratoconus. The benefits of corneal ring inserts are substantial, including 20/20 visual acuity for some patients. In the Toronto, ON, area, the eye surgeons at TLC Yonge Eglinton Laser Eye Centre use advanced laser techniques to place corneal ring inserts. This treatment is typically faster, effective and less invasive compared to an eye surgery. Our surgeons will clearly explain the benefits and risks of the procedure during the initial consultation and will complete a series of tests to determine if corneal ring inserts are right for you. 

Corneal Ring Inserts – What Are the Benefits?

An older couple reads a map while hiking More than one in 2,000 people suffer from keratoconus, a degenerative eye disease that can significantly impair normal vision. A corneal transplant (keratoplasty) was once the sole treatment alternative for this condition, but corneal ring inserts provide safe, effective correction of keracotonus. They can also benefit patients who are disease free, but seek to correct a nearsighted or farsighted condition.

Made of biosafe plastic polymer, the inserts work by exerting gentle pressure on the cornea (the transparent surface of the eye), which may be thinned, stretched or irregularly shaped in keratoconus patients. The tiny, semi-circular segments effectively flatten excess curvature to refocus light and improve clarity of vision. In many cases, this technique can be performed instead of a keratoplasty, allowing patients to avoid a prolonged recovery and the higher risk associated with surgery.

A corneal transplant (keratoplasty) was once the sole treatment alternative for this condition, but corneal ring inserts provide safe, effective correction of keracotonus.

Clinical studies in the United States have demonstrated remarkable results with corneal ring implants. Patients with 20/100 or worse vision have shown improvement to 20/40 or better in the vast majority of cases. More than 50 percent of patients enjoy 20/20 vision.

Benefits of the corneal ring procedure include:

Ease of process. The procedure is completed in an outpatient setting, often in as little as 15 minutes. It is noninvasive and gentle on the cornea, requiring no removal of tissue. The procedure has minimal risk of complications.

Results. Visual improvement is noticeable on the day of surgery, with continued clarity developing over the next few months. The implants are not noticeable to others, and patients find them very comfortable; in fact, patients usually cannot feel the inserts in their eyes at all. 

Recovery and maintenance.  After the procedure is complete, patient recovery is quick, in many cases within a few days. There is no need for maintenance. In fact, on a day-to-day basis, corneal rings are less trouble than contact lenses or glasses. If a new prescription is needed, your inserts can be replaced. They are also removable for any reason, if needed.

Treatment at TLC Yonge Laser Eye Centre

An ultra-precise femtosecond laser is used for many types of eye surgery at TLC Yonge Laser Eye Centre, including corneal ring implants. This infrared laser is used to prepare the inner cornea, forming individualized tunnels for insertion of your selected cornea ring segments.

In addition to placing corneal implants and performing corneal transplants, our doctors also offer innovative cross linking for keratoconus patients, a procedure that can halt progress of the disease. If you have keratoconus, you are in excellent hands with our specialists.

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Corneal ring inserts provide many patients with an optimal alternative to a corneal transplant. Please contact us today to schedule an assessment, and learn more about treatment cost or other options for keratoconus treatment.

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