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What to Expect During LASIK Surgery

If you have lived with glasses or contact lenses, you can now achieve significantly improved vision with a quick, safe procedure. Our doctors offer advanced ophthalmologic treatments, and can explain exactly what to expect during LASIK surgery at one of their Waterloo, Mississauga, London, or Toronto, Ontario, offices. LASIK has never been easier or more attainable. Combining years of experience and success with advanced technology, our doctors are ophthalmologic leaders in their field.

LASIK can give you the opportunity to not wear glasses or contact lenses again, enjoy life's pleasures unhindered by poor vision, as well as many other benefits.

LASIK Basics 

LASIK eye surgery is a revolutionary ophthalmologic technique that can help patients to see with renewed clarity by reshaping the cornea to allow more or less light to reflect onto the retina. This procedure can give you the opportunity to not wear glasses or contact lenses again, enjoy life's pleasures unhindered by poor vision, as well as many other benefits.

    Starting the Procedure

    LASIK is performed while you are awake and conscious. A member of our team will administer medicated eyedrops that have a soothing effect on eyes. The drops contain a local anesthetic, and you will not feel any pain during the procedure. These drops will also decrease your natural urge to blink. Additionally, a special device will gently hold your eyelids open to eliminate any accidental blinking during surgery. You may feel the device holding your eyelids open, but this will not be painful. The sensation can be related to taking your fingers and holding your eyelid open as if you were putting contacts or eye drops in. You may need a few moments to adjust to the peculiar feeling of not blinking for an extended time, but our doctors will ensure you are comfortable before proceeding. 

    During LASIK Surgery

    Once you are comfortable and content, your doctor may begin your custom LASIK surgery. Your surgery will take about 20 minutes per eye, and the entire procedure should be completed in under an hour. The first integral part of your surgery is to create a flap in the cornea. This is achieved with the use of suction and a laser or very specialized microkeratome blade. Patients generally report an "awkward" feeling during this step, but any discomfort is quickly resolved.

    Illustration of LASIK surgery

    After your doctor has created the flap, the laser is able to access the cornea. An excimer laser or a cool ultraviolet light gently removes microscopic tissue from the cornea, creating an ideal corneal surface that can more accurately focus light onto the retina, and ultimately improve vision. We typically use highly advanced machines that are programmed to remove extremely exact amounts of cells for accurate treatment. Once the laser has completed reshaping the cornea, your physician will lay the flap back into place, allowing it to heal naturally. 

    Learn What to Expect

    If you want to live life without depending on your glasses or contacts, consider scheduling an appointment with our doctors. We can perform an eye examination and outline the entire LASIK process to help you understand your options. We look forward to improving your vision. 

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