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KAMRA™ Inlay Candidates Toronto

Woman doctor and male patient look at a computer screen. Do you have trouble with your near vision focus? If so, you are not alone. Nearly every person entering their 40s and 50s begins experiencing vision problems, such as presbyopia, which can make reading and other tasks impossible without glasses or contact lenses. Advancements in modern technology have led to the revolutionary KAMRA™ Inlay surgery, an advanced presbyopia treatment. This procedure involves the placement of an opaque microdisc into the cornea, which helps to focus the light that enters the retina. KAMRA™ Inlay candidates in the Toronto area can turn to the professionals at Yonge Eglinton Laser Eye + Cosmetic Centre for all of their vision needs. A consultation with Dr. David S. Rootman and his team can determine if you are a candidate for this innovative corneal treatment. Contact us today to learn more.

What Is the KAMRA™ Inlay?

The KAMRA™ Inlay is an opaque, biocompatible microdisc that is smaller than a contact lens and weighs less than a grain of sand. An opening in the center of the disc allows only focused light to enter the retina, resulting in an improved range of focus. KAMRA™ Inlay surgery is specifically designed to treat patients suffering from presbyopia. Presbyopia is the stiffening of the natural lens of the eye over time, which leads to difficulty focusing on nearby objects. While the KAMRA™ Inlay greatly improves the quality of near and intermediate vision, it does not affect distance vision.

Am I a Candidate for KAMRA™ Inlay Surgery?

Potential candidates for KAMRA™ Inlay surgery are suffering from presbyopia and looking to reduce or eliminate their need for prescriptive eyewear. If the quality of your near vision has worsened, and you are tired of dealing with contact lenses and glasses, KAMRA™ Inlay surgery might be a viable option for your needs. Although this treatment may not completely eliminate the need for corrective lenses, it can reduce a patient’s dependence on them significantly. Patients who have previously undergone LASIK, but are now experiencing near vision loss, may also be good candidates for KAMRA™ Inlay surgery.

Other Services

KAMRA™ Inlay candidates who are also suffering from myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism may improve their vision further by undergoing LASIK eye surgery. Both of these surgeries can be performed in the same sitting. This allows patients affected by multiple vision conditions to have most — if not all — of their needs addressed at once.

If KAMRA™ Inlay surgery or LASIK are not viable options for your unique vision conditions, Dr. Rootman offers a wide range of other vision correction treatments that may better meet your needs.

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If you are ready to bring your vision back into focus, the team at Yonge Eglinton Laser Eye + Cosmetic Centre can assist you. Contact the YELC team today to schedule a KAMRA™ Inlay consultation. We look forward to helping you improve your vision!

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