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There are many things that make our Toronto, Ontario eye care center unique. We use the finest technology, the most up-to-date surgical tools, and the most innovative surgical techniques in performing laser eye surgery.

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There are many things that make our practice unique. I think, first and foremost, is our commitment to patient care and exemplary results. We do this using the finest technology and newest technologies available. For instances, in the past few years, the Intralase has become available, and this is a device that is used to create the corneal flap prior to the laser surgery. Until a few years ago, the only way to do this was with a mechanical device that used a blade that oscillated back and forth and while this is a good device, i felt that the Intralase, doing it with a laser rather than a blade, was a much safer and much more rational approach to producing a flap for Lasik surgery. So we invested in that technology, that very expensive technology, but we decided that it was worthwhile for us both as physicians and it was worthwhile for our patients to help guide them through the experience in the safest possible way. So that's one of the ways that we distinguish our practice.
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