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The mission of our laser eye correction center in Toronto, Ontario is to provide exemplary care to patients who want to improve their vision and help individuals through their surgical experience with as little anxiety as possible.

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The mission of our practice is twofold. First of all is to provide exemplary medical care to help people get rid of their glasses and contact lenses. This can be a disability for many patients. It's not just a matter of cosmetic thing, but often glasses and contacts really interfere with our daily tasks of living. So my first goal is to provide the best possible care with the most advanced technologies that are available. The second goal of our practice is to help people through the surgical experience with as little anxiety as possible. I've been a surgeon for almost 20 years, and I understand that having your eyes operated on is a life changing and a probably once in a lifetime experience, and many people are very uncomfortable about having people work near their eyes. Of course, vision is one of our premier senses, and if we were to have a problem with it, it would greatly affect our lives. So I understand that when people come for eye surgery, there's a lot of anxiety. There's a lot of angst in making the decision to allow someone to operate on their eyes. So what we have done is developed a staff and developed an atmosphere where we can help people get through the experience. We can help them make the right decision for them and guide them through the experience with as little anxiety as possible and to provide them with the best results that are available.
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