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Corneal Surgeon Toronto, Ontario


Dr. David Rootman is an expert corneal surgeon in Toronto, Ontario. He is also an acclaimed refractive surgeon who has focused his career on enhancing the lives of individuals around the world by improving the quality of their vision.

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I have two areas of focus. My first one is dealing with medical and surgical problems of the cornea. So I'm an expert and a corneal transplant surgeon. So every year I do over 150 corneal transplants to help restore vision to people who are blind as a result of problems with their cornea. In addition, I've become interested in refractive surgery over the past 12 years or so. This is dealing with problems that people have as a result of wearing glasses or contact lenses. I've made it a focus of my career to learn the most up-to-date techniques that are available to help people get rid of their glasses or their contacts, so that they can be free of them for all their usual activities.
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