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The First Step of LASIK

LASIK Laser Eye Surgery Toronto, Ontario


The LASIK procedure requires two steps, the first of which is to create a corneal flap. Our skilled LASIK laser eye surgery specialists in Toronto, Ontario use the safest tools when carefully creating the flap and folding it back to expose the underlying corneal tissue.

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The most common procedure that we do here is called Lasik. It's a two stage procedure where we first produce a flap on the cornea. Secondly, we use a second laser called an excimer laser to reshape the cornea. In terms of making the flap, there are two options to do that. You can that with a mechanical device called a microkeratome. But in the last few years, a very exciting device has become available called the IntraLase, and this uses a laser which produces many millions of tiny bubbles within the cornea. These bubbles are so close together that it produces a flap. So we can produce a flap on the cornea without the use of a blade, without the risks that are involved with using a mechanical device. This produces a much smoother, much more precise flap, that contributes to better results.
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