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Most people require only one LASIK treatment to improve their vision. LASIK results can be easily maintained for many years if you follow the guidelines our surgeons put forth.

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Most people require only one treatment to get them to the point where they no longer need to wear glasses. Probably about 5% of people will require a second enhancement or touch-up where the majority of the treatment has been done by the first treatment, but everybody is an individual and everybody responds a little differently to the laser. So there are those people that may require a second treatment to get them to be right onto exactly the point where they're satisfied with their distance vision. So in general, does it last forever? Is it good? I think that if your eyes have stopped growing and if your prescription in your glasses has been stable, and this is usually happens when we're 23, 24 years old and sometimes even younger than that, the changes that we're creating on the cornea are permanent changes and they do not regress.
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