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Understanding Cataract Surgery Cost

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Cataracts can rob you of your vision by clouding and blurring your eyesight. This condition only gets worse over time, but new treatment options have made it possible to not only regain outstanding vision, but to also enjoy life with eliminated or reduced dependency upon glasses and contacts. Restoring your vision through cataract surgery can be an invaluable investment. If you are considering whether cataract surgery is right for you, you can learn more about cataract surgery cost at our Toronto practice. Schedule a consultation with our experienced ophthalmologists by contacting us today

Does Insurance Cover Cataract Surgery?

Although the cost of cataract surgery at our office is covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Program (OHIP), it typically only applies to a traditional surgical technique and monofocal intraocular lens (IOL). In other words, insurance usually only covers treatment that is deemed absolutely medically necessary. Cataract surgery can be customized depending on your treatment goals, budget, and unique condition, and we will work closely with you to find a optical care plan that meets your needs. 

Determining Your Treatment Cost

The total cost of cataract surgery is influenced by a number of individualized treatment factors. The majority of cataract surgery patients will choose to receive some type of IOL, which will replace the natural, clouded lens that is removed during surgery. Unlike monofocal lenses, which only correct vision at one distance (meaning you may still have to rely on glasses after the procedure), multifocal lenses, like the ReSTOR® lens, enhance vision both close up and far away. These can be more costly than monofocal lenses.

Ultimately, the type of procedure you undergo, where it is performed, and which type of IOL you choose to receive are all major factors that determine the cost of your treatment.  

Are You Ready for the Investment?

Cataracts are progressive, and will compromise your vision more severely as time passes. While some patients will be able to live with the condition, relying on corrective eye wear or topical medications to enhance their eyesight, others may find their cataracts develop much more rapidly. Surgery is the only permanent means of permanently treating cataracts. We are here to help you make his very important decision.

When deciding whether you are ready for cataract surgery, you should consider: 

  • How improved vision can enhance your quality of life, and restore the ability to enjoy activities you have been missing
  • Whether you will benefit from cost savings if your surgery allows you to live free of glasses and contacts

If you decide you are ready for surgery, choosing a trusted, reputable surgeon to provide your treatment is paramount in protecting your health and safety, and achieving the best results. Our surgical team has many years of experience helping patients reclaim their vision, and we combine advanced surgical techniques with an individualized approach to treating each of our patients. 

Learn More during a Consultation

If you are frustrated by the symptoms associated with cataracts, make the first step towards discovering your treatment options. To learn more about the cost of cataract surgery, schedule an appointment  at our practice today.