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Advanced LASIK Techniques for Improved Safety and Effectiveness

Bladeless LASIK Toronto

Each LASIK procedure performed by our surgeons starts with the creation of a corneal flap. Next, the flap is delicately folded back in order to permit the surgeon access to the cornea, which is then reshaped with an excimer laser. Until recently, the corneal flap was produced using a device called a microkeratome, while the remainder of the LASIK procedure was performed with an actual laser. This conventional “partial-laser” LASIK remains a standard technique for laser vision correction. Now there is an even safer and more precise option available for laser vision correction. Patients can now receive “All-Laser” LASIK surgery, using Femtosecond laser technology available at our Ontario locations.

How the Femtosecond Laser Works

Guided by hi-tech computer software, the Femtosecond laser is applied to pre-determined points around the cornea, emitting a precise pattern of laser light pulses. These pulses cause the tissue of the cornea to split, forming the flap that is folded back to allow access to the cornea. The flap created with the Femtosecond laser is just like the flap formed with the microkeratome in the traditional LASIK procedure. The differences lie in that with the Femtosecond laser, the flap is created with uniform depth, greatly reducing the risk of post-operative complications. After folding back the flap, the cornea can then be restructured with the vision correction laser, which is guided by a computer for enhanced precision.

The accuracy with which the Femtosecond laser technology creates the corneal flap is the system's most significant benefit. Unintentional irregularities that can occur during flap creation in the traditional LASIK procedure are the cause of many post-operative complications. The introduction of the Femtosecond laser allows the LASIK surgeons at our Ontario centre's to consistently create a uniform flap during the procedure.

Benefits of Femtosecond laser All-Laser LASIK

The Femtosecond laser allows for an unparalleled level of accuracy in the formation of the corneal flap for LASIK eye surgery. With Femtosecond laser “All-Laser” LASIK our patients from Toronto and throughout Ontario have no need to worry about the microkeratome-related side effects that can result from traditional LASIK surgery. Because the Femtosecond laser places a smaller amount of pressure on the cornea than the traditional microkeratome blade, the frequency of complications like corneal wrinkling is greatly reduced. Many studies suggest that the corneal flaps created by the Femtosecond laser might actually heal at a faster rate than those created with a microkeratome blade. 

Further studies have also shown that the quality of vision achieved with blade free LASIK is superior to that of traditional LASIK. The computer-controlled lasers utilized in blade free LASIK enable the surgeon to make more precise incisions and corrections.

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