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LASIK Toronto

Custom LASIK is an advanced form of LASIK surgery that allows for even more accurate vision correction and has the ability to treat a wider array of eye irregularities. Custom LASIK vision correction with advanced Wavefront technology is one of the safest and most precise vision correction procedures available. With custom LASIK, our team of LASIK surgeons can map the landscape of your eye and design a corrective procedure tailored to your unique visual needs. This technology allows for vision correction that is ultimately safer and more exact. Where traditional LASIK can correct such common defects as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism, the advanced Wavefront technology used in the custom LASIK procedure allows us to successfully treat our patients in Toronto and the rest of Ontario for more complicated eye irregularities that affect vision quality.

Custom LASIK and Wavefront Technology

Each eye has distinctive aberrations or imperfections, as unique to every individual as fingerprints. The new Wavefront-guided laser procedure we use for custom LASIK surgery at our Toronto, Ontario centre identifies distinctive imperfections in your eyes, allowing us to make the most effective corrections for you.

How Does Wavefront Technology Work?

Wavefront technology generates a meticulous topographical map of your eyes. It works by passing a beam of safe laser light through your eye, then comparing the distortion that appears to the blueprint of an optically faultless eye. The information showing the imperfections of your eye is then used to generate a personalized map, plotting your higher and lower order visual irregularities.

Next, the computer guided Wavefront laser makes a fine-tuning adjustment for delivering even more precise vision correction while the laser eye surgery procedure is taking place. The measurements generated by the Wavefront laser allow for an accuracy of vision correction that would not be possible to achieve with traditional LASIK and standard corrective lenses.

Custom LASIK Benefits

The outcome of Wavefront-guided custom LASIK is often extraordinary for our Ontario patients. Custom LASIK can improve the quality of your vision. Custom LASIK delivers 20/20 visual acuity while also improving the perception of detail and contrast.

Some additional benefits of Custom LASIK include:

  • More patients attain 20/20 vision than with traditional LASIK
  • Many patients attain vision that is superior to 20/20 vision
  • Improved night vision
  • Minimization of common LASIK complications such as nighttime glare
  • Reduction in shadow and halo effects
  • Improved vision under conditions like “flat light”
  • Less necessity for repeated treatments
  • Provides a superior quality of vision

Custom LASIK v. Traditional LASIK

Traditional LASIK is still an effective option for laser vision correction. It can greatly improve your vision and eliminate or reduce your need for prescription lenses. However, advancements in technology now allow surgeons to perform vision correction that is even more precise than is possible with traditional LASIK.

Though no doctor can guarantee that you will "throw away your contact lenses or glasses" after your laser vision correction surgery, the results of custom LASIK suggest that such a guarantee may not be too far in the future. Traditional LASIK is very successful in correcting farsightedness, astigmatism, and nearsightedness, but the three-dimensional mapping of the eye that is possible in custom LASIK allows surgeons to correct even more complicated and irregular vision problems.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Custom LASIK?

Almost anyone who is considered a good candidate for traditional LASIK surgery can undergo Wavefront-guided custom LASIK at our TLC centre.

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