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Understanding the Cost of PRK Surgery

The cost of photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) varies from patient to patient. The long-lasting treatment is generally an excellent investment but it is important to thoroughly understand what your treatment cost entails. PRK cost is influenced by several factors, including the complexity of the procedure, the experience of the doctor, and pre- and post-op care. When researching PRK cost in Toronto, ON, you may find doctors who offer lower, or discounted, prices for the surgery, but you will need to look into exactly what those prices include, and the level of care they offer.

Factors Affecting PRK Cost

The degree of refractive error and presence of additional conditions will generally dictate the complexity of the surgery, which will directly affect the cost. For example, patients with astigmatism may find their surgery costs more.  

Visx system

The experience of the doctor also should be considered. Typically, more experienced doctors charge a higher fee. Additionally, some facilities work with contract surgeons. These surgeons may have the years of experience necessary to justify a higher cost, but patients may not meet their surgeon until the day of the surgery. At Yonge Eglinton Laser Eye Centre, you will meet your experienced surgeon at your initial consultation, and will have on-call access to the doctor 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the time leading up to and following your surgery.

The location of your doctor’s office may have an effect on the cost of your treatment, with some doctors operating out of their own offices, while others use space in a hospital or surgical facility.

Unmatched Patient Care

The level of care provided will factor into the cost of your surgery. Many laser eye centers will offer a consultation with a sales representative, a copy of instructions for you to follow leading up to your surgery, and very little contact. You may only see your surgeon on the day of your surgery, and receive another copy of instructions to follow after the procedure.

We also offer patients a lifetime commitment, which means that if you require a procedure to correct or improve your vision after surgery, it will be covered.

At Yonge Eglinton Laser Eye Centre, we pride ourselves on offering unmatched patient care before, during, and after the surgery. You will meet your surgeon at your initial consultation, and he will perform an in-depth vision analysis and explain the different treatment options available to you. You will have access to your surgeon at all times leading up to the surgery, for any last minute questions or concerns, and immediately following the procedure.

Your aftercare will consist of several follow-up appointments with your surgeon, allowing him or her to monitor the progress of your healing and the improvement of your vision. Your post-operative care will continue until you feel completely satisfied with the results of your surgery. We also offer patients a lifetime commitment, which means that if you require a procedure to correct or improve your vision after surgery, it will be covered.

PRK vs. LASIK Costs

PRK surgery tends to cost slightly more than LASIK surgery, due to the use of additional technology and the longer period of aftercare required. Patients should note, however, that while the procedure may cost more, the doctors can use it to help more patients. Patients who fail to qualify for LASIK surgery, such as those with thin, irregularly shaped corneas, or large pupils, often find that they make excellent candidates for PRK, and can achieve comparable results.

Learn More About the Cost of Your Treatment

The individual cost of your PRK surgery will need to be estimated by a surgeon during a one-on-one evaluation. To learn more, contact one of our offices to schedule your free consultation.